At the beginning of 2016 my family and I travelled the 40km south along the train line, moving to the new development suburb of Wellard on the fringe of the Perth Metropolitan area.

Perth is the most isolated city in the world, and also one of the most sparse, as a result of poor housing affordability. Young families looking to own a home and a patch of grass large enough to play backyard cricket on have been forced outward, either north or south into the satellite estates which seemingly erupt out of nowhere.

Wellard is an inquiry into the nature of the Australian Dream in 2017.

Photographed from 2016-2017 these images reflect on the concept of the Private Estate,
identifying a culturally rooted desire for security and exclusivity which inevitably leads
to separation and isolation. An autobiographical body of work, Wellard expresses my own
struggle between a desire for both security and freedom.

Wellard contributes to a discourse about modern Australia and the ways in which we inhabit
and domesticate space. This series investigates new frontiers and Australia’s emerging identity
by exposing the ways we relate to, and mould, our environment.